Planning Now For The Right Care Later

elder care planningAs loved ones grow older, their healthcare needs grow as well. Planning for the long term is important not just for them, but for your peace of mind.

We understand that you may not know how and where to start planning. That’s why we’re here – to help you take the first steps that lead to a better-planned tomorrow.

Together, we can help reduce five of the risks that come with not planning head:

1. Becoming A Burden

Lack of planning can result in a great personal or financial burden on the part of the spouse, children, or extended family members.

2. Risk Of Financial Hardship

As the need for long-term care increases, so does the risk of a substantial financial burden. Planning ahead can help lessen the upward cost of long-term care.

3. Risk Of Losing Independence And Control

Without proper planning, elders often become dependent on people who don’t necessarily have their best interest at heart. Especially when it comes to legal and medical situations.

4. Risk Of Dependence On Government Programs

Many elders are fearful of becoming wards of the state. As government faces greater deficits and impose more budget cuts, an elder’s options become more restricted and potentially more dangerous.

5. Risk Of Institutionalization

Without the proper planning, it might be necessary to move loved ones to a long-term care facility, where they are dependent on others. This in turn could lead to an elder living in a poor quality facility.

The simple truth is, planning is important. So talk to your loved ones. Talk to us. And then let’s work together today to plan for a better tomorrow.

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