Testimonials: The People We Advocate For Are Advocates

We’ve been elder advocates for more than 40 years. And over that time, we’ve gotten quite a few advocates of our own. We’re proud to share just a few comments we’ve received. If you need elder care advocacy, here’s why they reached out to us at 212-945-7666.

“Please accept my sincere appreciation for your efforts on behalf of my father. His last days were happy and in the place he called “home” as a result of your caring, efficient and professional service. Frankly, when I called to tell you how the facility where my Dad lived wanted to transfer him elsewhere, I didn’t have much hope that you or anyone could stop what seemed to be the inevitable. I was surprised that you understood how devastating such a move would be to him.”

“In an effort to keep him where he was, I had contacted everyone that could think of. I ran into indifference and red tape. I couldn’t let them move him. At 90 years old, this was home. He was happy there, he had friends there, and he felt secure there. I called you as a last resort. When I told you my problem, you understood how important this was to us. I will never really know how you accomplished it, but after your visit to the residence, they agreed to let him stay. It took you one day to resolve a problem that I had been battling for a month. My only regret is that I didn’t learn of you sooner. I could have saved myself a great deal of stress. Nevertheless, in the end you came to the rescue. It’s good to know that there is someone out there who is willing to stand up for the elderly.  Thank you again”

“My Elder Advocate is the company to contact for elder care advocacy. I trust him completely; when he helped me with my father’s care, Jack was knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate.”

Maria P.

“My Elder Advocate cares and understands what seniors want and need and is uniquely qualified to help any family deal with these stressful decisions.”

Iris B.

“My Elder Advocate enabled my father to accept help. As a result of their contacts and work in Maryland, he lived another three years and passed away peacefully!”

John P.

“My Elder Advocate made our lives easier. They helped us cope with mom’s injuries and handled the bureaucracy of the hospital and rehab.”

Aileen S.

“My Elder Advocate’s care and concern for the elderly is without comparison. Jack is still asking about my mom and when he is at the nursing home, he makes a point of visiting her.”

Adrian M.

“Jack of My Elder Advocate conducted a conference call, understood our needs, and pointed us to a professional in my mother’s home town that met with us and gave us the necessary guidance.”

Cheryl C.

“My grandma developed a very serious bedsore. My Elder Advocate helped my family achieve our goal of getting my grandmother back to her home.”

Beth P.

“Without My Elder Advocate I could not have made the most difficult decision and that was to put my mom into a skilled nursing facility. “

Ester H.

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