What We Do

My Elder Advocate is on a mission to help families confidently navigate the complex and confusing world of caring for an aging loved one so that elders get the care they deserve and enjoy their best quality of life possible.

Our advocates provide objective, personalized advice and advocacy services to families so that they can anticipate, plan for and meet elder’s evolving personal health, financial (Medicare/Medicaid) and social needs as they age.

We are exclusively focused on advocating for the best interests of elders.

Basic steps are:

  1. Personal Needs Assessment: It all starts with understanding the individual wants and needs of your loved one. During our needs assessment we probe an elder’s physical, mental, psychosocial, financial and legal situation. We also want to know what you (or your caregiver) can and can’t manage at home, what help and support you already have, what you most need to improve your quality of life.
  2. Custom Care Plan: We create a short-term—and, if desired, long-term—care plan that is uniquely tailored to your elder’s needs.
  3. Best Care Options*: Our advocates are experts in knowing the best care providers in your—or your loved one’s—local area. We take the guesswork out of selecting the best providers across: home health agencies, assisted living facilities and nursing home or rehabilitation facilities.
  4. Ongoing Care Coordination, Personal Needs Management and Monitoring: You can’t always be there for your loved one but we can. We provide ongoing monitoring of services to ensure your elder is getting the care they deserve and support they need.

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